American History Teachers, homeschoolers, and history buffs now have an online resource filled with American History streaming videos, activities, links and resources - because history is fun!

American History Videos for the Classroom and Homeschool:

Since 2009, resources available on HaveFunWithHistory have been the focus of many classroom assignments, as well as a means of supplementing, and enhancing classroom curriculum.

How to use these resources:

  • Link to an individual HFwH video, or Subject to support your current curriculum,
  • Create an assignment around a video or activity (ex: Boston Tea Party), or
  • Use resources as part of a Webquest, or other online assignment.

Each video or activity includes a brief description, links to related subjects, as well as suggestions for living-history field trips.

This Day in History

A History Lesson: Critical Thinking

Learning about our history is more than collecting names, facts and dates. Seeing and hearing history is a fresh way to get perspectives beyond what can be collected through a textbook. However, that does not make these resources any more or less true or factual than their printed counterparts.

The videos on this site deserve the same amount of scrutiny that any other history resource demands. When viewing them, consider things like the time period in which they were created, as well as the perspectives and agendas of those who produced them. Always research and compare with other sources.

So enjoy the videos, and Have Fun with History!

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